What is SRSD Writing To Learn?

Karen: SRSD is an instructional method that helps teachers develop strategies for writing and regulating the writing process. SRSD helps kids develop their own voice in writing. It directly addresses motivation for writing. It addresses beliefs about writing, why I've had trouble, what I need to do to be a better writer.

Sandra: The power of SRSD is in the self-regulation strategies, that it's the key. It really is what helps students become motivated. What we're doing is changing their internal thinking around this activity. They used to hate it, and now they love it. They feel accomplished. That's because of self-regulation. They're in control, they monitor themselves, they understand where they need to improve. We're giving them all the tools to be independent. They love it.

Barbara: SRSD is an instructional approach that teaches students to be independent learners and own the process. They go from being dependent on the teacher to faded out gradually to owning the skills and being able to do it and be self-reflective.

Michael: We haven't really talked about what SRSD stands for, and that's Self-Regulated Strategy Development. Self-regulated, we're teaching kids how to set goals and how to plan and organize and we're teaching them self-talk strategies for how they can apply these strategies on their own. Strategy development, we're giving them a strategy for how to approach a particular writing task.

Melissa: The reason that we have found it to be so successful is you're able to evaluate a student and their skills and then rate them against their own growth and their own improvement. That's the part that we emphasize with our teachers. It's called self-regulated strategy development. It's about giving your kids the strategies that they need for themselves to go forward.